A Spraying Vehicle Solution in the Darling Downs

6 Sep

3 min read

Rapid Vehicle Systems recently supplied a multidisciplinary environmental consulting and contracting business located in the Darling Downs region with a customised SafeSpray Vehicle System to add to their resources.

Having just purchased a new ute, the company wanted to get it set up to expand the professional services on offer to their clients and chose Rapid Spray's SafeSpray unit due to its safety, efficiency, generous locker storage and custom options available.

The SafeSpray Vehicle System eliminates the need to handle chemicals or for the operator to have to climb onto the vehicle, meets load restraint regulations and is Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) compliant.

The Unit Features

A particularly unique custom feature of this unit is the lockable brush cutter stowage located on top of the locker box storage. This allows the vehicle and unit to be versatile and perform vegetation control services in addition to weed spraying. This feature also offers peace of mind to the company as the brush cutter cannot be stolen and is protected from the weather.

This particular unit also features a 400L UV-stabilised poly tank, twin 100m Buddy Smart Auto Reels, a Maruyama 45L/min pump and diesel motor upgrade.

The diesel motor upgrade adds the potential for further versatility and making the unit suitable for use on mine sites.

Additionally, the inclusion of beacons on this unit as a custom safety feature is another mine site feature as well as opening up the possibility of the company being able to secure council, public area and roadways contracts in the future.
The SafeSpray units also come standard with a secondary low pressure regulator to make it easy to add any of our booms or roadside nozzle accessories.

Additional Features Available

There are a number of other optional features available that can be added to the SafeSpray Vehicle System, including:

  • Warning Lights
  • Digital Signboard
  • Knapsack holder
  • Quick Fill Suction Kit

There are also a number of boom and roadside nozzle options to choose from, including:

  • In-Cab boom control switch panel and pressure reduction kit
  • Rear flat fold boom and mounts
  • High volume roadside nozzles Kit
  • Guard rail boom kit
  • Adjustable kerb sprayer and mounting kit

Proudly australian made.

Manufactured and built in the Hunter Valley from Australian and Imported componentry.