Operating a SafeSpray Jungle Busters

8 Mar

1 min read

Josh from Rapid Spray discussed with Dean, the Project Manager from Jungle Busters in Sunshine Coast, QLD and how their new Rapid Vehicle Systems SafeSpray Truck has helped with their road side spraying jobs.

Josh: "Thanks Dean for giving us this opportunity to work with you guys on setting up this system. Obviously this is a new sort of project for us working with road side spraying, you have been using this for around a month now, how have you found it for the work you're doing?"
Dean: "I'd just like to thank you first and foremost Josh. It's been a pleasure working with you from the start and you've delivered nothing but a quality machine that we need for what we do."
Josh: "So in terms of actual operation of the vehicle, what did you find was something that is an added benefit compared to what you were previously using?"
Dean: "The simplicity. And the actual quality. What it does out on the road, it's just enabled us to be a lot safer. And it is more than what I expected."
Josh: "So obviously with working with TMR and other organisations, safety's a big thing; you are dealing with JSAs, and that sort of thing. That sort of a key point for you guys; working as safely as possible is what helps you guys win contracts?"
Dean: "It's key. So this is a gamechanger. I actually just have no words, cos, you know, the machine just talks for it's self and what you have created."
Josh: "So the guys themselves that are out there using this day in, day out, they've been enjoying this compared to what they were doing previously?"
Dean: "They have, they have. They've got nothing but good things to say about it - just can't complain really."
Josh: "And obviously working in the industry you're working in, making the work easier for the guys, that's a big thing?"
Dean: "Yep"
Josh: "Having the guys want to turn up to work, is a big thing."
Dean: "Yep"
Josh: "Especially working in contracting and that sort of stuff. Guys turning up is key. The less strain you can put on them, the more work you can get done."
Dean: "Just, obviously, what you have given us has given us, well the staff mainly, something easy to use, it's safe, and they enjoy using it! Because of the quality."
Josh: "Something for them to be proud of when they're out their using it."
Dean: "Yep, that's it!".
Thank you Dean, and Jungle Busters!

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