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safespray system

The spray vehicle system built for vegetation management in a range of options. Available for ute or truck builds, with solutions designed to maximise safety and efficiency of spray crews. The SafeSpray system is ideal for road side spraying, public vegetation management, fire trail control and bio-security.

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Safeload system

Eliminate chemical handling and operators climbing on top of vehicles with an integrated SafeLoad system. The SafeLoad System is an automatic chemical mixing system, kept secure within a locker box at operator level to increase operator safety, and efficiency. 

product shot of stock water trailer in field for irrigation water transport dust control irrigation bio-security

Water trailers

Needing simple hitch-and-go convenience? Robust ready-to-fit options for smart water cartage solutions. Across industry verticals, collaborate with our design team to find the best solution to fit your trailer requirements.

water truck aquamax dust control truck slip on truck water cartage

Civil Water Carts

The AquaMax™ and AquaPro™ ranges simplify water cartage while guaranteeing performance, efficiency and ease when delivering bulk water supplies. Excelling in delivering water solutions for civil, public, private or agricultural requirements.

our difference

putting safety first

Operator safety comes first. All the Rapid Vehicle System builds are designed with operator safety and efficiency front of mind to give employers, fleet managers and project managers peace of mind for the safety of their crew.

Backing your build.

All our builds are backed by industry leading warranties, exceptional customer service and cover three main principals: 1, simple and easy to use; 2, built robust, durable and tough and; 3 built with only the best componentry readily available.

Designed with you.

We listen to you in the build of your sprayer. Using our proven options and industry builds, our in-house team will help you design a solution that is functional, fit for purpose and fully compliant while ensuring efficiency, reliability and operator safety.

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why work with us

we know what works.

Understanding what operators need when out on the road has been paramount to the design of solutions and options available for your custom builds. Smart design choices, functional builds and operator safety come first to help you complete jobs faster and more efficiently. 

Collaborating with in-field professionals, the modular system of proven options makes builds quick getting operators back out into the field fast.

jungle busters truck
Fit for purpose.

What is the use for this build? Knowing this question helps our internal team help design and collaborate on a build that is fit for purpose drawing from our extensive range of module options fitted with your choice of accessories. You won’t be left with something you don’t need, or worse, doesn’t suit your requirements. 

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Designed, engineered and built in Australia. 
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A branch of Rapid Spray, we have been manufacturing in Australia for over 40 years. Our industry leading tanks are coupled together with Australian Made componentry such as the locker boxes and trailers. A guarantee for you on the durability, toughness and quality of your build.

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What our clients say...

"We wanted a chemical handling system where we didn’t have to touch or pour the chemical into any measuring jugs by hand. After Rapid Spray completed a detailed analysis, they came back to us with several designs for us to consider. We couldn’t be happier with the new system. It works!"

Steven Keating
Managing Director

Proudly australian made.

Manufactured and built in the Hunter Valley from Australian and Imported componentry.

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