5 EveryDay Spraying Risk Eliminated with the SafeSpray Vehicle System

6 Sep

3 min read

AA&ES Managing Director Steven Keating, has improved workplace health & safety by eliminating five every-day risks associated with spraying chemicals thanks to a custom-built SafeSpray unit. As an unexpected bonus, Steven’s crew saves an hour of work a day, plus they have reduced chemical wastage. Steven found out about this new cost-effective solution while attending the Queensland Weed Symposium. His conversation with Rapid Spray’s Roy Thrush led to a process of extensive consultation, which resulted in the development of a purpose-built SafeSpray unit.

5 RISKS ELIMINATED with the SafeSpray

  1. No more exposure to chemicals / poisons as you don't need to open drums and tip chemicals into measuring jugs.
  2. No more lifting heavy chemical drums every time you need to refill your tank.
  3. No more climbing up on the vehicle with chemical jugs to tip them into your tank.
  4. No more moving around of chemical drums / containers in the back of the ute where they can move, spill or tip over thanks to the dedicated lockable chemical storage cabinet.
  5. No risk of children or persons tampering with dangerous chemicals / poisons on the back of your ute when it is parked in public areas.

What has changed for Steven and the AA&ES team?

“In the past, we’ve been mixing chemicals on the ground at the job site. If you’re mixing the chemical on unstable ground, there’s potential for the chemical to fall over and create spills,” said Steven Keating.

“We wanted a chemical handling system where we didn’t have to touch or pour the chemical into any measuring jugs by hand. After Rapid Spray completed a detailed analysis, they came back to us with several designs for us to consider. We couldn’t be happier with the new system. It works!”

Has this new system improved the AA&ES workflow?

“What impressed us is that they went a step further and included a new Rapid Safe Load System. There is nothing else like it on the market,” said Steven.

“We no longer need to come in contact with dangerous chemicals. You place your chemical drums in the dedicated chemical storage cabinet and connect them to the system - then you can pull levers to suck the desired amounts straight into the measuring chamber and then up to your spray tank".
“We no longer have to climb on top of the tank to pour in the chemicals. It can all be done from the ground. To add water, you connect a hose to the fill point on the side of the unit, and it fills the tank through the backflow prevention system without having to climb up and take the lid off. Once you have finished the job, you can add fresh water and pull a lever to flush out the system".

Has the new system reduced your chemical usage?

“They think it’s a lot safer! It took a little bit of training, but once they knew how it all works, it’s a lot better. Especially when using marker dye. If you spill a marker dye, even a few drops, it is so concentrated that it just goes everywhere. You find yourself with a real mess. Your vehicle and all the sides of your tray are coloured red."
“With the Rapid Safe Load System, the marker dye never touches your vehicle or tray. You don’t even have to open any lids. It sucks the chemical out of the containers and mixes it into the tanks.”

What does that mean for your clients and their projects?

“When you say to a client that it’s going to be done to specification, you know it is, simply because of the system. We’re now confident that the chemical rates are mixed to the exact amount required. That’s been a gamechanger for us.”

On a Day-To-Day basis, what other benefits have you experienced?

“Our biggest problem is access to clean water,” said Steven. “Because Rapid Spray completed a custom build for us, we were able to incorporate a bigger tank on our unit".

“Storage has always been an issue. The locker boxes and the storage system Rapid Spray offered, have provided us with much-needed storage to store brush cutters, safety equipment, hardhats, vests, CHAPs and paperwork."

How has your new unit stood-up to your harsh working conditions?

“The quality is excellent. There’s no doubt about that. We’ve had no troubles with the system, and Roy Thrush is only a phone call away when you need help.”

To find out how you could improve your efficiency and safety like Steven Keating has, thanks to Rapid Spray’s customisable SafeSpray units, please telephone Roy Thrush at Rapid Spray Engineering on 1300 077 003.

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Manufactured and built in the Hunter Valley from Australian and Imported componentry.