Operator Safety with Road Side Spraying

8 Mar

1 min read

The SafeLoad System was designed to stop operators climbing onto the back of vehicles while handling heavy jugs of chemicals.

Operators climbing brought around multiple safety issues: falling off the vehicles suffering a range of injuries; if handling heavy chemicals the risk of getting covered in dangerous chemicals was high; serious health and physical injuries.

We wanted to put a stop to that in the best way we knew how. The SafeLoad Chemical Handling System was born.

The SafeLoad Chemical Handling System can be used to:

  1. Mix chemicals without any handling any toxic substances
  2. Reduce chemical wastage with accurate measuring
  3. Remain on the ground when transferring chemical to main spray tank
  4. Safely store chemicals
  5. Eliminate lifting heavy chemical tanks
  6. Mitigate slips and falls

As Josh explains to Dean from Jungle Busters in the Sunshine Coast, the "key feature for keeping your guys safe. Completely reduces the need for chemical handling while the guys are out on the road - makes it a lot easier for them to mix-up without climbing on the back of the vehicle".

The SafeLoad System is a automatic chemical mixing system, kept secure within a locker box / stowage. Always at operator level, with just the flick of a switch, pour the chemical or chemicals to the desired level, and then when ready, pull the valve to flush it into your main spray tank.

Coupled with the overhead fill point, no operators should ever have to climb up onto the vehicle - ute or truck - again! Save time, save lost chemical and most importantly, build a culture of safety within your team.

Proudly australian made.

Manufactured and built in the Hunter Valley from Australian and Imported componentry.