Vegetation Control & Biosecurity | Ute or Truck Spray Fit outs

23 Nov

1 min read

Offering a variety of solutions for different vegetation control from road-side spraying to fire trail management to bio-security. Josh from the team goes over the Jungle Busters road-side spraying truck and it's features, leading on from our standard builds.

The standard SafeSpray Vehicle System comes in a range of options, with modules and optional add-ons to suit various applications.

Available in long frame or short frame variations for dual cab or single cab utes, or for truck beds. With the truck builds, as in the Jungle Busters, an extra tank for fresh water can be built into the system so your team always has fresh water on board.

Each system comes as standard with our quality pump and motor setups such as the Maruyama and Honda motor coupling, or change to diesel powered motors to suit requirements such as on-site mines. With a range of pumps and motors available to choose, the team will help you select which will best suit your application.

The locker boxes are built tough - manufactured in Queensland, these Australian Made locker boxes have been designed specifically with chemicals in mind. With ventilation on two sides, a deep front panel to stop any chemical splashes and also controlled drainage points in-case of spillage. With strong locks, be confident anything stored will be kept safe.

Spraying with a hose reel has never been easier with the standard builds coming with the Buddy Smart Reel from Rapid Spray. With 3 years warranty, and built in Australia and diagnostics manufactured in Australia, these reels are tough. Upgrade from one reel to two based on how many operators you need spraying.

These units have been designed with operator safety in mind. With the controls only ever built kerbside, plus the SafeLoad system eliminating operators climbing on the vehicle with heavy chemical drums.

Curbside fill-up also removes the need for operators to climb on the vehicle to fill up the tanks with water.

With the modular tank design, you can choose the correct litres to meet the gross vehicle mass(GVM) of the vehicle the sprayer is being mounted on.

The bunded pump plate, stops any spills and ensure controlled disposal of all chemicals, plus with the self-bunding makes it easier to clean and stops debris from building.

Are you road side spraying? With the electronically actuated boom on our Road Side setup tucked efficiently between the cab and the locker box, make it easy for over guardrail spraying all from your cab with the in-cab controls. With control over height, over spraying on and off, left or right boom controls - the possibilities are endless. Also standard on the Road Side spraying setup is the undertray nozzles for spraying under guardrails.

With the larger secondary tank system, always have fresh water available and easily fill up your spray tank when needed.

In-side cab controls the guardrail boom and the undertray nozzles ensuring a fall coverage for weed control above and below the guardrails for road side spraying.

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Proudly australian made.

Manufactured and built in the Hunter Valley from Australian and Imported componentry.