Who is Rapid Vehicle Systems?

16 Mar

2 min read

From the inception of Rapid Spray, we have taken pride in being able to design and manufacture customised solutions in view of helping our customers manage their liquids efficiently and effectively. We are extremely proud to have a team of expert consultants who love to help achieve our company mission of "empowering those who protect, maintain and care for the environment". Our aim is to not only meet our customers expectations, but to exceed the requirements of their specific applications.

Introducing Rapid Vehicle Systems?

That is why we are very excited to announce the implementation of Rapid Vehicle Systems. We understand that most professional contractors, council teams and government bodies need to use their equipment for long hours, in sometimes rough conditions, no-stop to be able to serve their customers and local areas.We also understood that efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and safety are key for professionals to achieve this. Off-the-shelf products, such as our most popular UTV sprayer, the Marshal-Pro are fantastic for seasonal or occasional users, however for contractors or government bodies, a customised solution specific to their requirements is the better option.

That is why we have a dedicated team of engineers and designers who focus on working with our customers to create specific spraying units such as the PolyMax Polymer trailers. We are confident in designing and building durable, safe and reliable units to improve the capability of your fleet.

Market leading quality

With our industry leading warranties, we can guarantee that our customers will be investing ina product that is built to last the test of time and perform to the highest standards. As we say, the Proof is in the Performance!Unneeded product failures and breakdowns cost professionals a lot of money and time. That is why every piece of equipment we build at Rapid Spray Engineering is developed with our three core principles in mind:

  1. Make it simple to use and maintain
  2. Make it robust, durable and tough
  3. Make it with only the best components readily available

Designing with Safety in Mind

As our equipment is usually either trailers or vehicle mounted, we understand that employers and fleet managers want to ensure the safety of their operators and crew. That is why we design safety features into each piece of equipment such as hand rails, easy access steps and ladders, E-stop and railings. Each piece of equipment keeps the three following key aspects in mind:

  1. Safe in transit
  2. Safe to unload / load
  3. Safe to apply or transfer liquids it's designed for

Innovative Designs

At Rapid Vehicle Systems, our principles are set up on helping professionals have the best equipment they can possibly use out in the field. That is why we don't stop innovating and designing new, safer and better equipment, with a personal target of always setting a new standard for transporting, transferring and applying liquids. Sign up to receive our updates on all the new products we have on the horizon such as the Buddy Vision, a connected interface that gives you control over your spray unit while at a distance. We aim to transform the way governments, municipalities and professional contractors manage liquids.

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Proudly australian made.

Manufactured and built in the Hunter Valley from Australian and Imported componentry.