Overcoming Ku-ring-gai Councils Overgrown Weeds

9 Mar

1 min read

Councils across the country face the challenge of keeping overgrown roadside weeds and vegetation at bay so that vision is not obstructed and risks are minimised. While a combination of mowing and spraying is required to achieve this, spraying is obviously the method of choice when it comes to controlling vegetation that builds up around sign posts, guide posts and guard rails, as well as in gutters.

Ku-ring-gai Council are serious about tackling this problem and wanted a solution that is efficient, quick and most importantly safe. Rapid Vehicle Systems provided this solution with their SafeSpray Vehicle System.

The SafeSpray Vehicle System aims to eliminate a number of safety risks including:.

  1. The handling of chemicals
  2. Chemicals leaking and damaging the environment
  3. the need to climb onto vehicles to load chemicals
  4. chemicals not being securely stored
  5. operators having to exit the vehicle when working on roadsides

Ku-ring-gai Council were provided with a dedicated ute set up with roadside spraying equipment customised to their needs, including roadside nozzles, in-cab controls, the RapidSafe Load System, and even some cameras fitted to the curbside of the vehicle with a monitor on the dashboard to give the operator greater visibility and accuracy.

There are various additional customisation options available which include but are not limited to:

  • Traffic warning lights
  • Digital message boards
  • Brush cutter holders
  • Guard rail booms
  • Diesel motor upgrades
  • Rear flat fold booms

These extras can enhance safety, increase the efficiency of spraying or reduce the time spent on spraying.

To find out more about how Rapid Vehicle Systems can assist with your roadside spraying needs contact one of our specialists today on 1300 077 003.

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