The AquaMax™ and AquaPro™ ranges simplify water cartage while guaranteeing performance, efficiency and ease when delivering bulk water supplies.

Utilizing the marketing leading water cartage tanks by Rapid Spray, we have the ultimate water transportation carts available from 2000L up to 12,000L to suit a diverse range of applications and requirements.

Effortlessly convert your current tipper or tray trucks into water carts, perfectly suited for dust suppression at construction sites or controlling dust on dirt roads. They also excel in delivering water for tree or yard irrigation, stock watering, maintaining turf or public areas, and conducting bio-security wash-downs.

As a premier supplier of water cartage tanks and equipment in Australia, Rapid Vehicle Systems delivers excellence to the public or private sectors.


Simple, safe and effective. That is what the AquaMax™ and AquaPro™ ranges are known for. The first choice for civil works, dust control, tree and turf watering and bulk water delivery, these slid-on water carts reliably meet the job requirements everytime! 

Not only designed to fit on the back of tipper or tray back trucks, but ca be mounted to a trailer for a quick and efficient trailer mounted water cart. Available in range of 2000L up to 12,000L tank sizes, this range suits contractors, council teams and hire companies as the professional choice for water application.

Built tough, to meet Australian standards and expectations, you won't see water leaking from these water carts! Know that when you purchase from Rapid Vehicle Systems, it has gone through our rigorous 10 Step Quality Fit standard.

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Simple design but with premium componentry, the AquaMax™ and AquaPro™ ranges are a cost-effective and efficient solution to getting water to site easily without removing the versatility of your tipper or tray back truck.

The ideal choice for sustainable water management in diverse environments, the ranges can be tailored to meet specific requirements. With features such as the dribble bar and spray deflectors, diesel or petrol motor options, and high flow hose reels. Kept simple with straightforward operation, the Rapid Vehicle System slip-on civil water carts are an economical, all-in-one solution for mine sites, construction sites, water delivery and fire fighting services.

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Understanding what operators need when out on the road has been paramount to the design of solutions and options available for your AquaMax™ and AquaPro™ builds. Smart design choices, functional builds and operator safety come first to help you complete jobs faster and more efficiently. 

Collaborating with in-field professionals, the modular system of proven options makes builds quick getting operators back out into the field fast. Selecting a Rapid Vehicle Systems slip-on water cart will ensure your are buying the best fit for purpose slide on units available for tipper or tray trucks.

Fit for purpose.

A slip-on water cart proves its reliability and adaptability across a range applications. Effortlessly transform your existing tipper or tray trucks into versatile water carts, ideal for effectively suppressing dust at construction sites or controlling it on dirt roads. Additionally, these carts excel in delivering water for tree or yard irrigation, stock watering, maintaining turf or public spaces, and conducting bio-security wash-downs.

With water cart capacities available up to 12000L, we guarantee ample storage to meet your needs, no matter the volume.


Built in toughness only, an Australian made product means these trailers allow go-anywhere convenience for the most demanding and harsh environments.


Trailer mounted watering system – ideal for access roads, transport, holding and machinery yards, and more! Our Water Cart Trailers uses deflector spraying systems to offer a combination of manual and remote control systems to really wet the dirt for effective dust control.

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Proudly australian made.

Manufactured and built in the Hunter Valley from Australian and Imported componentry.