A world first contactless chemical measure and transfer system, Rapid SafeLoad is a patented system designed to enable operators to maintain optimum safety standards and work efficiently through removing unsafe and unnecessary chemical handling.

Eliminate the need for operator to handling chemicals during transfer or mixing and remove the need for operators to climb on the vehicles while lifting heavy chemical jugs.


Make chemical handling history with the patented Rapid SafeLoad System! Keep operators safe from chemical contact and protect the environment from spills.


With kerb side access, operators are no longer are required to climb on top of the vehicle to fill their spray systems.

safe chemical container stowage

With the dedicated chemical stowage zones, protect your assets from tamper and also eliminate unsafe chemical lifting.


The beauty of the Rapid SafeLoad System allows you to retro-fit it to any spraying unit you may have. With a simple hose to tank venturi fitting from the SafeLoad to the tank and another fitting to connect to the spare outlet on the pump, its a simple set-up.

Manufactured and assembled in Australia, get the SafeLoad mounted onto your vehicle sprayer for safe chemical handling and eliminate operators lifting heavy chemical jugs and climbing on top of the vehicle.


Retro-fit the Rapid SafeLoad Mixing & Transfer kit straight into your existing spray unit. With the full system built in Australia, ready to go to help operators remove unnecessary handling of chemicals in the closed transfer system. Eliminate chemical handling today.

1m BUNDED Safeload

Made in Australia, the SafeLoad and 1m lockerbox kit is the ideal size for the short frame or dual cab ute spray vehicle set-ups. Don't use up valuable space but still have a safe contactless chemical handling system while securing up to two 20L chemical drums.


The single cab or long frame vehicles are the optimum size for spray crews, however this can mean unsafe practices from the operators climbing on the vehicle to fill their tanks. The longer 1.5m SafeLoad kit allows greater storage and security of up to three 20L chemcal drums.

case studies

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Proudly australian made.

Manufactured and built in the Hunter Valley from Australian and Imported componentry.